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Helpful articles about the Quell Game Launcher.

Will I need to update Shardfall, Impact or the Launcher in the future?

After completion of the first-time setup steps in the Launcher, everything will be up-to-date. Beyond this, we will be releasing updates to Shardfall, the Impact and the Launcher itself in the future, to ensure that we are improving and expanding you

How to Modify Profile Details

You are able to modify the individual Profiles associated with your account from within the Launcher. To change actual account information - including your account’s password - login through the Quell website. To update your shipping address, contact

How can I see what version of the Launcher and Impact I am using?

To check what version of the Launcher you are using, hit the top-right Menu button, then “Settings”, then “General”. To check what version of the Impact firmware you are using, connect your Impact to the Launcher. From the main Launcher window, open

Where can I find the Quell Game Launcher logs for my bug report?

If you experience an issue with Shardfall, the Impact, or the Launcher, you can help our support team help you by supplying us with the logs. Depending on your issue, you may need to extract logs for the Launcher, Shardfall, or both. Windows & Mac. W

Can I modify my Quell account details or password in the Launcher?

To change or update your account information, including your password, log in to your account on the Quell website. A link to this page is also available in the Launcher settings menu. Profiles are managed in the Launcher. Hit the top right menu butt

Why does scanning for Wi-Fi in the Launcher make my computer’s Wi-Fi panel pop up?

The Wi-Fi panel pops up when your PC is scanning for available networks. The Launcher uses this information to help you select a Wi-Fi network to use with your Impact.

Will I need to update Shardfall, Impact, or the Launcher in the future?

After you complete the first-time setup process in the Launcher, everything will be up to date. In the future, we will be releasing regular updates to Shardfall, the Impact, and the Launcher to improve and expand the experience. When an update is ava