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How to PunchUpdated 2 months ago

Hey Hero! Struggling with your punching after you've completed Shardfall's in-game tutorial? We're here to help! There are some key gestures you'll need to get the hang of how to survive in Shardfall. Check out the videos below before jumping into your next workout. 

Straight Punches 

Straight punches are useful for dealing quick damage. From the block position, punch directly forward with your left or right hand to perform a Straight punch. Rotate your fist as you extend to end the punch with your palm facing the floor. After landing a straight punch on an enemy, return to the blocking position.


Hooks are used to strike the enemy's sides. From the block position, swing your fist around in an arc to throw a Hook. Bring your elbow up then strike across your body as if you're hitting the enemy from the side, ending with your forearm parallel to the floor. After your Hook connects, return to the blocking position.


Use Uppercuts to strike the enemy from below. From the block position, quickly pull your fist down and strike in an upwards motion to throw an Uppercut. Rotate your hand on the way up, ending with your fist a hand’s length in front of your face. After your Uppercut connects, return to Block. 

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