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Accounts & Profiles

Managing your order, Quell account, profiles, and more.

Logging into your Quell account.

Creating your Quell account

Go to https://playquell.com/ > Select the account icon (top right) > Create Account > Add your email address and password. If you have already placed your order. Make sure to set up your account using the email address your order was placed with. You

Current available languages

The Quell Game Launcher and Shardfall are currently available in English.

How to switch between your Quell profiles

Everytime you log into the game launcher you will be asked to select your profile. There can be up to 5 profiles associated with an account [membership].

Updating your profile information

To update your profile information simply head over to our website at playquell.com and log into your account by selecting the person icon in the top right. Then select Account details. Here you can change your profile information and change your pas