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First Time Setup

Answers to your most common questions about the Quell Game Launcher.

General FAQs for the Quell Game Launcher First Time Set Up

Setting Wi-Fi step can take a few minutes to complete (and is reliant on a strong Wi-Fi connection). For successful installation of Impact drivers, user must accurately complete the setup steps in the Windows/Mac windows that appear. Occasionally, Fi

How do I set up the Quell Game Launcher and Impact for the first time?

Check out the Getting Started guide to get started. This takes you through your first key steps—charging your new Impact, creating a Quell account and downloading the Launcher. Once you have installed the Launcher, open it and log in using your Quell

I’m having problems connecting to Wifi during Launcher setup

You need to enter Wi-Fi details as part of the Launcher setup so we can keep your Impact up to date. When you enter your Wi-Fi details as part of the Launcher setup, these details are sent to the Impact. Each unit will then check the connection befor

What are Profiles? How many can I have?

Profiles allow up to 5 different people to play Quell on the same account. Each Profile has its own fitness stats and save file in Shardfall. Add new profiles or modify existing ones in the settings menu in the top right of the Launcher. To move your

I have completed a first-time setup in the Launcher. What will I need to do for future workouts?

After you have completed first-time setup in the Launcher, ongoing play is easy!. The Launcher will also prompt you to perform the above steps or let you know if there are any problems. Occasionally, you may automatically be prompted to update Shardf

I am unable to complete the first-time Setup steps in the Launcher

If you are having trouble on any of the following specific steps, please refer to these Troubleshooting guides:. For everything else, please be aware that some steps may take a few minutes to complete. If the Launcher has not moved to the next step o

How do I know that my Impact is successfully connected to the Launcher and ready for play?

Your Impact must be connected to the Launcher to play Shardfall. The Impact menu in the Launcher shows the connection status of the Impact. Click here for guidance on connecting your Impact to the launcher again. The icon quickly helps you understand

Impact Driver Installation

After you click “Install”, the installer for the Impact driver should open in a new window on top of the main Launcher window. Follow the steps in this window to install the Impact driver. After installing the driver, you will see a ‘System Extension