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General Error Handling

How to overcome an Impact errors you might run into.

How do I turn my Impact on & off? How can I reset my Impact?

Turn a unit on by removing it from the charging dock and pressing the power button. It will display a flickering white light when powered on. Turn a unit off by holding the power button for 3 seconds. A unit will also turn off automatically if it:. D

I can't update my Impact

If your Impact update fails, the LED will blink red. Check for the following error codes:. Slow blinks:. Cause: the unit was not placed on charge. Resolution: Ensure the charging dock is powered and that you dock the unit when the update process star

I've encountered an unexpected error with my Impact

In the event of unexpected behaviour, unless it is running an update, it never hurts to reset the device to try to restore normal operation. You can simply unplug the dongle and plug it in again. For the controllers, hold the power button and release

My Impact’s lights turn off when I place it on the charging dock

In most cases, this is the intended behaviour. The device shuts down when charging to enable it to charge faster. When shut down in this way, you can check the power by double-tapping any unit. When you’re using the Launcher, this feature is disabled

One of my Impact units won't charge

The units should snap snugly into the charging port on the dock without needing any force. From left to right, place the left, chest and right units into the dock to charge them. Remember, if a unit is off, it won’t display a charging light You can t

Impact continuously turns on and off again while not on the charging dock

If your unit continuously turns on and off again while not on the charging dock, repeatedly displaying the white flickering light, try to reset the affected unit by holding the power button for 10 seconds and releasing it. If the unit is not responsi

I can't get some gestures to work in Shardfall

If you can’t perform punches in Shardfall but can get some other actions to work, start by closing the game and Launcher, disconnecting the Impact dongle, resetting all units, and then reopening the Shardfall. Ensure you have the latest Impact update

My unit repeatedly turns on and off while on the charging dock

If your unit continuously turns on and off again while charging, try to reset the affected unit by holding the power button for 10 seconds and releasing it. If the unit continues to turn off and on again, this means the battery was overcharged, and t

My unit shows a blinking yellow light when I try to turn it on

This indicates that the battery is critically low. Place the Impact on the powered charging dock to recharge it. Remember, you should use a USB charger rate 1.5 A or higher to get the fastest charging speed. For more information, learn more about the

I can't update one or more of my units

It’s important to download the latest Impact updates to ensure you always get the best performance out of your Impact. This requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, which is available on the majority of Wi-Fi routers. The Wi-Fi settings can be updated an

I can't turn my Impact on

Turning the Impact on usually just requires you to pick it up from the dock or a quick press of the power button. If you’re having issues getting a unit to turn on, try the following:. Charge the affected unit(s) on the charging dock connected to a U

My Impact’s haptics (vibration controller feedback) don’t work

The left and right controllers have haptic feedback connected to a wide range of events in Shardfall. The strength of these effects can be adjusted at any time in the settings menu in Shardfall, including turning off all haptic effects. If you’re exp

What do the lights on my Impact mean?

Colour. Pattern. Status. ⚪. White. Six fast flashes. Power on. 🟡. Yellow. Flash. Critical battery detected when turned on. The unit will shut down after 5 flashes. ⚪. White. Solid. Charging. 🟢. Green. Solid. Fully charged. 🟡. Yellow. Slow flashes.

How do I set up the Quell Game Launcher and Impact set for the first time?

Please refer to the Getting Started guide. This takes you through your first key steps - making sure your Impact set is charged, creating a Quell account and downloading the Launcher. Once you have installed the Launcher, open it and login using your

My new Impact isn’t showing any charging lights

When you first charge your Impact, it may not show any charging lights. This is because the device is in a safe hibernation mode for transport, preventing the batteries from draining. Once you’ve charged your Impact for 1 hour, turn it on by holding