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Answers about specific gameplay mechanics in Shardfall.

What do blessings do? How do I trigger them?

Blessings are earned after successful encounters. There are hundreds of different blessings with different effects. Blessings differ in rarity. Press and hold the ‘Home’ Button during a session to see an overview of your equipped Blessings.

What does the circle at the top of my screen do?

This is the Session Timer. When the circle fills completely, you'll be approaching the final Encounter.

I keep taking damage even when I'm blocking

Certain attacks cannot be blocked.If the attack is accompanied by Up Arrows you need to jump over the attackIf the attack is accompanied by Down Arrows you need to duck under the attackIf the attack is accompanied by Blue circles, you need to interru

My strong punches are not being registered

You can set the difficulty of performing Strong Punches in the Settings option of the Camp under Difficulty/Strong Punch Strength.Make sure you’re performing a quick punching action and avoid winding up your attack.

I keep getting knocked out by the same Shard Guardian (Boss)

If you get KO’d by a Shard Guardian, you’ll finish the fight but you won’t increase your World Level. At the end of the session, you’ll get new Gauntlet parts which you can equip in the Inventory. These will make you stronger and give you a better sh