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Most Common Questions

Answers to the most questions we receive about the Quell Impact.

How do I set up the Quell Game Launcher and Impact for the first time?

Check out the Getting Started guide to get started. This takes you through your first key steps—charging your new Impact, creating a Quell account and downloading the Launcher. Once you have installed the Launcher, open it and log in using your Quell

Units may crash and become stuck on a red flashing light

Bug Summary:. Units may crash and become stuck on a red flashing light. Affected Product:. Targeted Release:. Impact (new units only). RC4. Bug Description:. The unit stops working and continuously displays a flashing red light. It won’t connect to t

Minimum PC/MAC requirements

MINIMUM SPECS. RECOMMENDED SPECS. OS. Windows 10. Windows 10. CPU. Intel Core i3-8100. AMD Ryzen 5 2500U. Or equivalent. Intel Core i5-8500, AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Or equivalent. GPU. NVIDIA GeForce MX150. AMD Radeon RX Vega 7. Or equivalent. Geforce MX45

How do I charge my Impact?

The Impact’s battery lasts up to 3 hours, allowing you to complete multiple sessions of Shardfall on a single charge. We recommend charging the Impact between sessions to ensure you always have enough power for your session. Connect the charging dock

Get your Impact ready to workout: putting your Impact on

Please visit the Getting Started Page.

What gestures can I perform in game with my Impact?

The Impact can detect a wide range of exercise actions. In Shardfall, you will receive guidance on how to perform each of these. Make sure you learn the basics to get the most out of your new Impact. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Move yo

How do I turn on my Impact for the first time?

Before using your Impact for the first time, charge it for at least 1 hour by placing all units on the charging dock and connecting it to a USB charger rated 1.5 A or higher. As with other devices, a lower power source like the USB port on a computer

How much battery does my Impact need to play a Shardfall session?

Your Impact units must be sufficiently charged to play a session of Shardfall. If any units run out of charge during play, your session will be paused until that unit is recharged. If any of your Impact devices are under 15% charged, this may not be